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There are number of alternatives when choosing a wordpress e-commerce solution.

I have too say, I am a very big fan of WooCommerce.

We were recently asked to design a build a new wordpress website for a client in the UK who also wanted to be able to sell products from their website.

We opted for to use WooCommerce, primarily, for its ease of integration into existing WordPress themes.

The online Store sits nicely within the WordPress Theme so the whole site remains uniform in appearance and navigation.

For small online retailers, WooCommerce has a lot of advantages. The configuration of the store, products, payment methods, etc, is fairly straight forward and there is enough flexibility for a number of different store configurations.

We like WooCommerce for the following reasons:

  • Ease of creating products
  • Ease of Configuration – payment options, etc
  • Integrates nicely in our chosen WordPress Themes
  • Great for developers – relatively small development time

With WooCommerce, it’s possible to have an online shop up and running in a relatively short period of time.

With the project we have recently completed, we did come across one small snag. The client wanted to levy shipping charges dependant on the sales order value. With standard WooCommerce, this is not possible, although there are plugins you can buy to achieve this. Rather than buying an additional plugin, we were able to amend the Cart Function to handle this.


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