Responsive web design

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As a web designer, I’m often banging on about the importance of websites that respond to the media device on which they are being viewed.

More and more of us are now using tablets and smart phones to browse the internet (50% of searches are now performed on these devices).

Its therefore imperative that any website worth its salt, must be built with this consideration in mind.

As the name suggests, Responsive web design is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop. Responsive web design is focused around providing an intuitive and gratifying experience for everyone.

All the major platform providers, including WordPress, now offer templates built using responsive web design.

Using the core practices of responsive web design, namely flexible layouts and CSS media queries, enables the web designer to build a single website which is capable of working across all media.


In short, responsive web design is good for us, because we still only have to build one website which saves on time, and its good for the client, which saves on the cost.


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