My BNI Journey

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Its been over 3 years since I started out on my journey with BNI.

Since becoming a member of BNI Endeavour in Ware, Hertfordshire, I have witnessed our chapter grow from an initial core group of 10 or so people to one of the strongest referral groups in the whole region with over 40+ local business people and professionals.

I still remember going along to my first ever visit, thinking “What on earth is all this about?”. I have to say, I was extremely sceptical after my first meeting. However, that said, I did agree to come along for a second visit.

It was during that meeting, whilst deliberating about the pros and cons, when a fellow attendee said to me, “Its got to be worth a punt!”

Having waisted both time and money on other marketing investments, for some reason, this struck a cord with me. “Why not”, I decided. “Lets give it a go!”.

Three and a bit years down the line, its probably been the best “punt” I ever made.

During this time, BNI has helped my business in ways I wouldn’t have imagined.

Of course there’s the referrals, business gained and business relationships formed. I say of course, but when I think of the doors that have been “opened” through BNI, I really can’t thank BNI enough.

Aside from the business generated, BNI has also helped me to develop as a person.

Personal Confidence is key to business success.

And this is where BNI really comes into its own. I’ve made a point of attending as many of the BNI workshops as possible and they have been invaluable in providing me with the tools and skills to not only be more confident, but to pro-actively engage with people and deliver my business message effectively.

Would I advise other business owners to seek out a local BNI group?

Absolutely. If you are prepared to put the effort and time in, then you CAN make BNI work for your business!

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