Internet Marketing in Hertfordshire

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With the internet becoming ever more crowded, its becoming ever more important for local businesses to develop a coherent strategy for their internet marketing.

With so many potential buyers using search engines, websites and social media to decide on which service or product to buy, its important firstly to be visible, and secondly, to provide the best experience.

There are many ways a business can adopt an internet marketing strategy that does not necessarily have to cost the earth and in some instances, the cost to you is merely your time.

Here are just a few suggestions.

Effective Web Design

The focal point for any internet marketing campaign should be your website.
Your website is the center of all your digital marketing efforts.

Your website should be more than just a listing for your contact details.

Effective web design should result in a product that actively influences the amount of time and attention a user will spend on your site.

Your website needs to be clean, informative, engaging and easy to read. This is particularly important for the mobile version of your website.

Correct use of Search Engine Marketing

So you have your great looking new website. Now you need to enable people to be able to find you!

With the correct SEO strategy, you can greatly influence the position of your website in relation to the key search terms used by your potential customers.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Ever seen a website that just looks spammy? The same keywords stuffed into a page as many times as possible.

Not only does this make for a terrible user experience, it is also likely to have an adverse effect on your page rankings.

Keywords should be used in conjuction with your content and should be used in relevance to the overall article or section.

Google Reviews

Testimonials and reviews can have a massive impact on the perception of your business.

Having positive testimonials and reviews will instill a level of trust and assurance in your brand and service.

If you are providing a great service, then get your customers to tell everyone about it! Its the best form of advertising!

Setting up a Google+ page is relatively easy. Once in place, you’ll be able to invite your customers to your Google+ page to write reviews about your business.

Social Media – Facebook

With the rise of social media, every business should consider having a Business Facebook Page.

It provides a great means for connecting and engaging with potential customers.

Your Facebook Page is an extension of your brand. Take the time to ensure it is carefully created with the correct details and information.

Don’t try and sell directly to your audience. I’ve come across many instances where business owners have used their Facebook Page to constantly bombard their audience with sales pitches and adverts. This will serve only to irritate your audience.

Rather, use your page to provide informative content, news and features that will engage with your audience and encourage them to take note.

Track your Website Performance

As with any marketing strategy, its really important to measure the performance of your website.

How can you judge the effectiveness of your website if you don’t know how many visitors are coming to your site or how long they are staying?

Google Analytics is a tool which measures these statistics and enables business owners to better understand and address potential issues with the performance of their website.

Is your website mobile friendly ?

As mentioned earlier, with the rise of smart phones and tablets for internet browsing, its really important to ensure your website is “mobile friendly”.

Unsure about your website?

We’d be happy to offer a free assessment of your website.