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I’m often asked about the pros and cons of using Google adwords to get more traffic.

And I know a lot of small businesses who have jumped head first into Google Ads and ended up being burnt quite badly.

Far too often, people start running Goggle Ad Campaigns without any proper strategy and think that all they need to do is encompass as many keywords as possible. Normally, all this results in, is an expensive Google Ads Bill and a lot of unwanted clicks.

My advice to anyone thinking of running a Google Ads campaign is to start “small”.

Start with one key advert and no more than 2 keyword phrases that best describe the service or product you are offering.

Make sure your ad is clear and as concise as possible, so people know exactly what you are offering before they click the ad.

Here’s an example of a recent Google Ads Campaign strategy we put together for a UK based company who make sausages.

The first thing we did was identify the exact nature of their client base. In their case, their market is wholesale distribution to the catering sector.

With that in mind, we built a very simple advert, that comprised of only 2 keyword phrases: 1) sausage producers.. and 2) sausage manufacturers.

It might sound obvious, but we ensured the keyword “sausage” appeared in both the main banner and the strapline.

We also ensured we set a strict daily budget to ensure we had complete control over the daily spend.

The result, a page one Google Listing, that ensures the right people are finding the ad.


When managed properly, Google Adwords can be a great marketing tool.

Keep it small and selective, manage the budget, and make sure you check at least once a week as to the search items that have resulted in your ad being listed.

If an unwarranted search keyword has resulted in your ad being displayed, then just make sure you add those unwanted search items to the negative keywords to prevent your ad being listed.

We’ve worked with a number of businesses in helping them get the most from their Google Ad Campaigns. If you’d like more information, please feel free to email us at


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