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For any small or new business, getting exposure to new, potential customers is a key fundamental.

The internet is becoming increasing crowded and that elusive, all-important page 1 Google listing can often seem unobtainable.

The first aspect for any internet marketing strategy will normally be the design of a website. Its at this point that the success or failure of your internet marketing will largely depend.

If you are to make an impact, then having a quality, effective and engaging website is a must. Whether you choose to do it yourself, or employ a web design agency, the result should be something that reflects positively on your business.

Stand out from the crowd

There are a multitude of hosting and web template providers in the industry. The problem is, that very often, these templates are formulaic and all look the same with no unique identity or visual engagement.

Many small businesses are now realising that having a well designed website which captivates and engages with its audience, whist being compatible across all platforms and mobile phones, is a fundamental requirement in their marketing strategy.

The actual content of any website is crucial to its success. But its probably an area which gets the least attention. Drawing up good content and copy should be one of the first priorities.

Your content should be informative and engaging. Don’t just sell. Treat the visitor as you would as if they’d walked into your shop or office. Offer informative advise and give them the confidence to trust you.

You must get seen

Of course having a fantastic website is all very well, but if no one can find you, then you will simply not benefit from it.

And whether we like it or not, Google is King when it comes to making a success of your business on the internet.

Many small businesses are daunted by the prospect of spending a lot of money through Pay-per-click advertising. But this needn’t be the case.

A well thought out campaign, when managed properly, can deliver great results for a relatively small investment.

Case Study

We recently worked with a start-up company providing home security services in Hertfordshire.

The first thing we did was to evaluate the competition. This enabled us to determine a unique design and format that would set them apart and provide a distinctive brand.

Affordable Web Design Services

Having designed and built the website, we then set about a strategy to ensure maximum exposure in their field of expertise. We devised an affordable Google Pay-per-click campaign which was implemented recently and with great success.

As such, the company are now reaping the rewards from a highly strategic Page 1 Google Listing!

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